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by anthony sheehan
May 20
Wow easy to use great backup from the…
Wow easy to use great backup from the team and so fast to respond. Thanks
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by John Woods
March 23
Luminar 4 is unbelievable
Luminar 4 is unbelievable. It has become my go-to photo editor for basic as well as advanced tasks. Thank you, Skylum.
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by Francis Chen
February 27
Wonderful apps which make post editing
Wonderful apps which make post editing so easy with AI - makes your pictures come alive with colour and certain enhancements eg dehaze, lighting up the face (for those bad shots when the face just seems to be in the shadows - against bright light) - great tool for memories and pictures to be posted
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by Chris Bechard
January 7
Best customer service in the business
Best customer service in the business. Nowhere else have I felt like such a valued customer. That means a lot in this age of rudeness, ripoffs and disrespect. The crew at Skylum really works hard to earn and maintain your trust and loyalty. They set a high bar for the rest of the software industry.
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by Mrs Dearden
May 20
Fantastic software
Fantastic software. Ease of use and any issues quickly rectified. Customer service was excellent. Can't recommend highly enough
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by Michele
March 22
Incredible fast reply (it is Sunday)…
Incredible fast reply (it is Sunday) and great offer!!
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by Alan Lake
February 24
Best software I've ever purchased
Best software I've ever purchased at a fantastic price.
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by Lynne Necrason
January 6
Fulfilled my request immediately!
I had just ordered and downloaded an upgrade to Luminar 4 with one set of skies when I went of Facebook and found an upgrade offer including two sky packs. I emailed and explained what happened and they sent me the second pack right away. Thank you, Skylum!
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by Thea Menagh
May 19
Your Support Team is wonderful
Your Support Team is wonderful. - prompt, and able to identify & resolve the difficulties I was having. The Tech Team was also involved in ensuring my specific issues were taken care of, and together we got tricky conflicts cleared up. Both Members of the Support & Tech Team are knowledgeable, efficient & kind. Instructions, when not understood are reworded so that there can be no misunderstandings of steps to follow. Thank you all for your continuing assistance - and being there when we need you!
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by Mustafa Öcal
March 20
Fantastic İnnovations
New tools of Luminar 4 are fantastic.Sky Replacement was a great tool and "Augmented Sky" came in addition.Those are very exiting tools.And other renewals must be tried too, but I hadn't yet opportunity to make it.Thanks a lot for efforts of Skylum.
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by Tim Stevens
January 29
Good software
Good software, I love their design and quick solutions to various problems. I would recommend this company to both businesses and private users.
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by Craig Wilson
December 17
Brilliant software
Brilliant software, sky replacement is fantastic. The team at Skylum have been very helpful.
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by darren ensell
May 17
Fantastic support team
Fantastic support team. I had a very difficult problem and they stuck with me until it was resolved, even though it took several attempts to fix it. I can't say enough about these guys, they really care !! Thank you !
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by Alexandre Boucher
March 16
Great softwares, great staff, awesome service! +++++
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by Terence Dorries
January 25
Being an old boy I had trouble…
Being an old boy I had trouble installing the software, I got in touch with Skylum and they replied the same day, I sorted my problem and now I'm up and running.
Great service and great company.
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